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Hartmannswillerkopf' discovery tour

Park your car on one of the car parks at the SilberlochGo to the Crypt and go round the monumental entry by taking one of the two lateral stairs. Cross the esplanade and the military cemetery. In the lower part of the cemetery, follow the path with the marker red white rectangle and the yellow triangle.Go straight and follow the way marked with a red circle and a yellow triangle. The way from the cemetery to the rock “Sermet” (15min) goes through an area where the bombings are well visible (cone-shaped craters), as well as the elements of the French trenches and the fallen hootches (slangy term from the “poilu” to name a bunker), the whole disappearing in the vegetation during the summer months.After the Rock “Sermet”, take the red circle path towards the summit.Then follow the path of the crest by going through the monument of the 28th BCA in order to arrive in front of the blockhaus “Dorahütte”.Then, by following the crest way, reach the “Blindsack” work (petrified cement bags and opening of periscope remarkable).Go along the “Weihnachtsgraben” towards the 15/2 Monument (10 min).By following the crest way, you'll come across the massive works “Rohrburg” and “Feste Grossherzog” to finally arrive at the “Aussichtsfelsen” (or “Hellé” rock or “Panorama” rock), aim of the French attacks for its amazing viewpoint on the Alsace plain.To access the monumental bronze tdedicated to the 152nd Infantry regiment (15/2), follow the red circlepath. Go down directly on the esplanade of the 15/2 Monument by the path.Return by the path which goes to the “Aussichtsfelsen”, on the summit side of the Hartmannswillerkopf, and follow towards the cross at the top by going round the forts “Grossherzog” and “Rohrburg”.Then, fork on the left in the German trench, “Silberloch- Second Military Engineering” (red circle). Follow the path till the large metalled way (3min) with direct access to the cross at the top (rectangle red-white-red). Take it by turning left in the way of the descent. We backtrack by recognizing the path with access to the rock “Sermet” on the right, and the viewpoint diagram of the battlefield down below the National Cemetery (5min).

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Wesserling Park - Textile Museum

A former royal mill listed as a historical monument, Wesserling Park is a unique witness to the textile industry in Alsace. It is made up of 4 magnificent gardens together with a chateau, mansions, a farm and the Textile Museum. Wesserling gardens are among the most beautiful in Alsace. Here you can discover an English garden, Mediterranean terraces, a French garden and a kitchen garden which is a contemporary replica of a 20th-century allotment.
Every summer, the Festival of Hybrid Gardens gives seasoned artists and students the opportunity to create temporary works of art with plants on the theme of textiles, using vegetables, fruit, textile plants, herbs and flowers.
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